MAY 2015

May 2015 Blog

Just like that another month gone by, or bye…April was a busy fun month and May looks to be much of the same.

May 2nd is the Walking Tall tournament at south coast Martial Arts , good way to start the month..Than May 9th is the United Martial Artists for Christ event with Founder Bob Mitchell promising a whole new look. It is at Los Amigos high school in fountain valley ca. you can go to for more info..remember this is a free event.

Futher update at Mr Bob Whites studio, Tana Amen will be testing for her black belt May 16th @ 1:00. Also testing will be Kevin Gardner, Adrian Lamas, Jordan Lamas, Wade Ganes, and Alexis MacKenzie for their 3rd stripe.Best to all

Since our first event is early June I’ll let you know Mr Mike Stone will be at our studio June 2nd at 6pm for a seminar.  Lots more coming in June.

Lastly I have posted some pictures from the new opening of the fullerton kenpo Karate school with head instructor Alia White congratulations to you for the new school.

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