APRIL 2015

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Mr Downey seminar

Mr Downey seminar

10847412_866018860102945_338758859782015952_o 11037277_10205960102660164_8534280561350335674_o 11037588_10206009374251923_418908158840701636_o 11058756_949511618415893_5230545532338884253_n 11075261_10205999760851594_7104574370562649369_o 11082590_10205963404382705_5816528894407965832_n 11083739_10205960082979672_4534716751574424847_oFirst Thank you all We had a fantastic month..busy but  fun..We supported Mr and Mrs Whites Royal Family Kids Tournament and did quite well I am so proud of all the kids and parents who participated .We had a few belt promotions congratulations to all .We also added several new sudents so a great big welcome to you all to our karate Family , we have quite a large extended Family here. I would also like to say a special congratulations to the Afusia Family always great supporters and this month Mikayla was presented the prestigious Steve Herring award at the tournament, a wonderful honor indeed for us all and to add to that her Dad ,Roy got his third degree brown (finally)

We Had Mr Downey and team(from Ireland) come to our school and teach it was as always incredible, It was a great learning and bonding Experience for all. This was the prelude to the Friday auction and dinner with the Royal Family Kids supporters and than to the tournament on Sunday.

We were also able to go to an American Hertiage girls meeting and teach a little self defense class it was great and a great group of people to work with.I have included a few pictures from this as well as from the tournament.

It was a truly blessed month for us here at the Karate studio,Thank you again for all the support all of you  God Bless and see you at the studio!!!!  Coach Ken