November 2014

Yahoo here we are in November already ,the new studio is booming thank you to everyone for you support. We have a lot of fun things coming up..My friend Michael Norris has a new Faith based Film coming out, It is called Mission Air and starring gigi Rice and is Produced by Michael and his friend Gary Heavin..please support this film when it is released…Our grand re-opening date has not been set yet but I’ll keep you posted.We are trying to arrange this now.Many of you already know but just FYI,my daughter Courtney is going to make us grandparents again with number 7 around January 16th or so ..Mr and Mrs Bob White have the royal family kids dinner and tournament coming up march 22nd 2015, . Also coming soon is Bob Mitchells Martial Artits for Christ event I don’t yet have a date on this 2015 event.kenlogo2v1 ken mr white at grand opening.jpg Mr White demo  metro Point 001group ken deron Gary Vince Jeff.jpg

Here is an exerpt from Mr Whites facebook page the two instructors mentioned are good friends and incredible Martia Artists..”For me, I cannot think of a career that would be better than the one I have. I get an opportunity to be a part of seeing people step out of their comfort zone and experience things they never thought they were capable of. Case in point Dr. Jeff Weitz and Virgil Bartolomucci. They are both over 60 years old and are working on their sparring. They are both serious martial artists with many years of experience at our school but this new found passion for sparring is so rewarding to see.  Many people after awhile walk around with their thumbs in their belts and talk about how it used to be and these two athletes are excited about how much improvement they are experiencing.”

Kellogg’s Christian KARATE School

 Dear Students, Friends and Supporters,

We are expanding our Christian Karate School!     This is a step of faith, a journey toward which God has led me over these last months.  There are many schools to practice and learn various forms of Martial Arts.  There are few schools, however, established on a foundation of Christian principals in this practice.  This is my hope and vision in establishing the Karate School.   After 17 years instructing at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, in July 2010, our time with Calvary ended.  We spent a month at another church, and have been running classes at 2 public elementary and a private Christian school. We than opened our first school in Santa Ana, CA it is my belief that God has led me and my student “band of gypsies” to this juncture.Would you consider financially and prayerfully partnering with us?Would you make a tax deductable financial gift to Kellogg’s AKK INC.?If you have been positively impacted by my karate ministry and have taken a hiatus since we have been in transition, I invite you back.  We are a 501c3 non-profit , your donations are tax deductible. We offer low priced, affordable Karate/self-defense classes to our community. Everyone is welcome regardless whether they can pay or not.   With a donation of only $45 you can send a child to Karate class for one month, and a donation of $500 will pay for a full year and include a uniform.     We are located in Santa Ana California and have been doing this for just under 20 years. If you feel so moved Please send donations to Kellogg’s AKK Inc. 3420 w MacArthur Blvd. unit K Santa Ana California  92704

If you would like more information you can go to our web site at  ,drop by our studio or call me on my cell phone at 714-863-1955.  Thank you for considering partnering in this new phase of the karate ministry.  If you would like to talk further or know more, please feel free to contact me.


Ken Kellogg