December 2014

Ken Kellogg & Ed Parker Pic Elvis Gil Hibbon and Mr Parker untitled  unnamed  Welcome to December, already.Well like so many we are also having our Christmas Party We hope you can attend it  is December 11th(THURS) at 6pm at our studio 3420 w Macarthur blvd Santa Ana Ca 92704 unit K..please let us know if you’ll be there.

  We are working with Mr White to secure a date for a seminar I will keep you posted.This has been an interesting month for friends of mine as well Jesse Salinas and Dr Jeff Weiss both had heart attacks in November..Both are in recovery and doing well , they were both in the same hospital only a few rooms apart, please contuine to pray for them.
  Now a brief history of American Kenpo Karete William K. S. Chow first met and taught the well-known and undisputed “Father” of today’s American Kenpo Karate, Senior Grandmaster Edmund Kealoha Parker, Sr., in the Hawaiian Islands.

Mr. Parker realized the need for new innovations to combat modern day methods of fighting. He developed new concepts, theories, and principles that are practical in today’s environment. Every action from your opponent creates a opportunity for you where you can use an unending flow of motion. Every block is a strike and every strike is a block.

Parker Kenpo Karate is fit to the individual. It is very self-defense oriented and allows flexibility for you to draw from all of your body’s natural weapons in a overwhelming flow of circular and linear motions. This art can be practiced by anyone regardless of height, weight, age, or sex, against single or multiple attackers.

In 1954, Mr. Parker moved from Honolulu to Provo, Utah, and opened the first commercial karate studio in the United States. Mr. Parker graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology and Psychology. During his days at BYU, he opened a class on campus and began teaching. It was there that he began to analyze how techniques are put together and the balance between circular and linear motions. A circular motion becomes a linear move and a linear move becomes a circular motion. Mr. Parker then moved to California and opened his second school. Within two years, he was teaching well-known Hollywood and entertainment personalities and had actors using martial arts in movies. For example, Bruce Lee was discovered at Mr. Parker’s first International Karate Championship (IKC) tournament. Mr. Parker was influential in helping Bruce Lee get the role of Kato in the TV series The Green Hornet. Elvis Presley was a student of Mr. Parker’s and would often use karate kicks and moves while on stage. Mr. Parker was a close friend and confidant of Elvis, as well as his personal bodyguard. A good movie that will show the power and flow of motion of Parker Kenpo is “The Perfect Weapon” featuring Mr. Parker’s student, Jeff Speakman. Mr. Parker designed and choreographed the fight scenes. Other actors that were Mr. Parker’s students in Hollywood include Robert Conrad, Warren Beatty, Robert Culp, George Hamilton, Joey Bishop, Dick Martin, and the World War II hero Audie Murphy.Grandmaster Parker passed away on December 15, 1990 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Mr. Parker was a genius and pioneer that shared his vision with all who listened. He will be missed, but never forgotten.

We are expanding our Christian Karate School!     This is a step of faith, a journey toward which God has led me over these last months.  There are many schools to practice and learn various forms of Martial Arts.  There are few schools, however, established on a foundation of Christian principals in this practice.  This is my hope and vision in establishing the Karate School.   After 17 years instructing at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, in July 2010, our time with Calvary ended.  We spent a month at another church, and have been running classes at 2 public elementary and a private Christian school. We than opened our first school in Santa Ana, CA it is my belief that God has led me and my student “band of gypsies” to this juncture.Would you consider financially and prayerfully partnering with us?Would you make a tax deductable financial gift to Kellogg’s AKK INC.?If you have been positively impacted by my karate ministry and have taken a hiatus since we have been in transition, I invite you back.  We are a 501c3 non-profit , your donations are tax deductible. We offer low priced, affordable Karate/self-defense classes to our community. Everyone is welcome regardless whether they can pay or not.   With a donation of only $45 you can send a child to Karate class for one month, and a donation of $500 will pay for a full year and include a uniform. All donations of any amount greatfully recieved    We are located in Santa Ana California and have been doing this for just under 20 years. If you feel so moved Please send donations to Kellogg’s AKK Inc. 3420 w MacArthur Blvd. unit K Santa Ana California  92704

If you would like more information you can go to our web site at  ,drop by our studio or call me on my cell phone at 714-863-1955.  Thank you for considering partnering in this new phase of the karate ministry.  If you would like to talk further or know more, please feel free to contact me.


Ken Kellogg