July Blog

IMG_9121.JPGWell here we all are  July and a very busy month still have summer camp mon – Friday , end of month first of august 50 year anniversary for Internationals

Here’s some random thoughts       The basics by themselves are not enough. Practice will make perfect only if you practice the right stuff the right way. What you practice and how you practice are critical to your progress. You can get the ‘what’ anywhere – children’s Karate programs, adult Karate programs, free online Karate lessons. These and thousands of Karate books will all show you what to do….very few will tell you in any detail how to actually do it. What are the Basic Karate Moves? The fundamentals of all Karate styles are: Stances, Strikes, Kicks, Punches and Blocks.

No matter their origin, code of ethics or moral foundation, all martial arts are saturated in a repertoire of similar techniques and skills that can be classified as martial arts basics. This holds true for traditional martial arts and modern mixed martial arts styles.Some martial arts basics include striking, kicking, leg kicks, sweeps, punches, slaps, finger pokes, parries, evasion tactics, footwork, elbow and knee strikes, and specific kinds of stances that reflect defensive or attacking positions. Other basic skills that may occur within specific sets of styles include takedowns, throws, head butts, grappling, chokes, rolls, ground techniques, wrestling, joint manipulation, stomping, submission holds and striking vital areas of the body.Mastering martial arts basics is usually accomplished through repetition, forms, sparring or fighting.