Congrats to Our New Yellow Belts: Ernie & Itzi!

Ernie and Itzy Yellow Belt PromotionPlease join us in congratulating Ernie & Itzi on their promotion to yellow belt this evening.

Ernie is 72 years old and the oldest student ever to earn a yellow belt from me! Ernie is a very hard worker who shows up 4 days a week to train and a great student.

Itzi is a very talented and enthusiastic 12 year old who excels at Kenpo. It’s a joy to have her in the studio.

Congratulations again to our new yellow belts! You earned it!

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Get To Know Professor Ed Downey

KT - 0668.jpg

Professor Ed Downey is teaching a seminar at Kellogg’s American Kenpo Karate tomorrow, August 18th. We hope to see you there!

Get to know this great Kenpoist, 8th degree black belt, & president of the European Kenpo Karate Assocation before then by listening to this excellent interview with him on The Bo Luellen Show (March 2015).

In this interview, Mr. Downey discusses his beginnings in martial arts and shares his thoughts on Kenpo in Ireland, the popularity of MMA, bullying & kids, and more!

Here’s one of my favorite quotes from the interview where Mr. Downey talks about doing seminars with Ed Parker, Sr.:

“[FGM Ed Parker would teach] if someone is a grappler this is what you would do. If someone is a kicker this is what you would do. He already had these solutions. …His attitude was he would go to what would make grappling effective, what makes kickers effective. I don’t think he would have needed to become a grappler …or to become an excessively high kicker. I think he had the ability to analyze the essence of the threat or the tactics of the martial art and to create scenarios that would [create] the solution.”

Find out more about our seminar with Mr. Ed Downey here.

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An Easy Way To Support Kellogg's American Kenpo!

support-KAKK Help Kellogg’s American Kenpo Karate offer Kenpo scholarships to those in need. Use the link on our website before you go to and they will give a percentage of your total purchase to Kellogg’s American Kenpo Karate at NO COST TO YOU!

Coach Ken on The Bo Luellen Show

The Bo Luellen Show with Ken Kellogg

In July, Coach Ken was featured in an interview on The Bo Luellen Show. The Bo Luellen Show is dedicated to creating a positive culture within our art and spotlights various figures in Ed Parker’s American Kenpo system, including Mr. Bob White, Mr. John Sepulveda, Mr. Ed Downey, and more. You can hear more interviews with senior Kenpoists at The Bo Luellen Show.

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Professor Ed Downey Seminar on August 18th

Professor Ed Downey Seminar on August 18thKellogg’s American Kenpo proudly presents a seminar with Professor Ed Downey (8th degree black belt).

Tuesday, August 18, 2015
6:00 pm

Kellogg’s American Kenpo Karate
3420 MacArthur Blvd., Suite K
Santa Ana, CA 92704

Investment: $25

For more information, please contact Ken Kellogg at 714-863-1955 or email: