March 2015

untitledWow oh Wow A very busy Month is here, lots happening, First in March Mr. Downey from Ireland will be teaching a seminar at our studio March 16th, March 20th The Royal Family Kids Fundraiser dinner, than the 22nd the Bob and Barbara White Karate tournament.   Feeling so blessed to be a part of all this, exciting times. We are still moving forward with the Film Fists of Faith we have added a few more people some we can mention some I cannot yet, but we are so honored to Have Mr. Bob White on board as stunt co-ordinator, looking forward to this

We all had a great time at Mr. Mitchell’s beginner tournament as usual it was a fun and learning experience for all. Thank you Mr. Bob Mitchell..

ken mr white at grand opening.jpged byng 14.jpgKT - 0662.jpgMr Downey seminar 2010 014